A house or an apartment to empty ?

Do you really know the fair value of your objects ?

Our advice, consult us before acting, the antique and flea market is a complex market that cannot be improvised. Indeed, many objects are not sold at their fair value or worse disappear, discarded by owners caught in time or oblivious to the real value.

We can take care of everything !

Please contact us at +33 (0)2 33 07 41 04 to agree on a appointment .

Our transport solutions :

Our Trucks are equipped for moving.

Removal costs are deducted from your sales, you have nothing to pay on the day of transport !

Solution # 1:

- 48 € tax incl.of time, return journey,loading, unloading and reassembly of the furniture included.

Trucks of 9 or 22m3 + driver only (on-site assistance required)

Solution 2:

- 96 € tax incl. of time, journeyround trip, loading, unloading and reassembly of furniture included.

Truck of 9 or 22m3 + driver + additional person

What commission does the consignment sale take ?

Application fees: 2% of the total price deposited.

(20% on items under € 5 and on furniture that is difficult to negotiate).

The commission is paid by the buyer: it is added to the price that we have determined for you. (price for you + commission = sale price).

The commission is only acquired if the item is sold.

-Up to 23 €: packages
- From € 24 to € 599: 23% of the sale price.
- From € 600 and more: flat rate of € 200 (i.e. less than 12% for an item sold 1700 €).

The amount of the basic commission remains unchanged for the duration of the deposit.