How to sell at La Clé des Temps

How to sell my objects?

How to submit my items to sell?

Come to our shop with your objects

Two options to choose from:

- With no appointment if you don’t have many items from Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m..

- With appointment (recommended, you do not wait!)

We can also take care of everything! Home collection service:

- For a house or apartment to empty, large volumes or heavy furniture. Please contact us to set an appointment.

- Our trucks are equipped to move

- We offer a service with a truck + 2 people, it costs € 96 TTC per hour (including travel to /, loading, unloading, disassembly and reassembly of furniture)./p>

- For Light loads only, it is possible to provide a driver + car, it costs € 48 TTC / hour.

-The Removal fee is deducted from your sales, you have nothing to pay the day of transport!

How selling prices are set ?

We set the selling prices of your items with you. Our team puts its experience and knowledge at your disposal to offer you the best selling price, you tell us what you think about it and we decide together.

How much does the shop take ?

Booking fee: 2% of the total amount deposited.

The commission is paid by the buyer: it is added to the price we have determined for you. (price for you + commission = sales price)

The commission is acquired only if the item is sold..

- Up to € 23: packages
- From 24 € to 599 €: 23% of the sale price..
- From € 600 and more: € 200 package (less than 12% for an item sold € 1,700 for example!).

The amount of the base commission remains unchanged during the deposition.

Where my objects are exposed?

The objects are displayed according to their natures and values, in stores, on our website or both.

In store valuables or fragile items are exhibited in locked glass cases

How do I know when my item is sold?

- Consult your seller’s account at any time on the website with your personal password. You can see which objects you've sold in real time!
- You can also call us to find out if your items are sold

How do I get paid?

Once your item sold you can pick up your payment at the store
You can also receive your payment by bank transfer or by check sent by mail.

How do you deal with valuables?

For this kind of item we can advise you and give you an estimate for free (and without any commitment).

We have customers interested in this kind of object, we offer you the opportunity to sell them quickly and safely.

Our shop has existed for over 30 years, it is regularly visited by a significant number of amateurs and professionals in all fields.

Finally our website allows customers of all nationalities to view and purchase.

My valuables are protected?

We take great care to respect the cleanliness and condition of your items, in store valuables are display in locked cabinets and if it really is not possible for safety reasons to display your object in store, it will be exposed on the Internet. Finally, in case of problems we cover your assets (items of more than € 5 value.)

Why should i use a deposit sale?

- For the cost : The Seller earn a higher price, the buyer pays less !! Deposit sale allow smaller margin than buy to sell. Less margin allow more potential buyers and more money for the seller. If you still prefer to sell items to us we can give you a price.

- For efficiency : A 1800 m2 store open 7/7, a website and a business that sell and advise.

- For safety : professional advice for the value of your objects, no ads to manage, no people coming home, no risk of scam or outstanding..

-For freedom : I am free to take back my objects when i want to.

- For peace of mind : Do you have time to handle everything alone? Is this really the best solution?

- Because it’s easy : from a simple object to the whole house we take care of everything.

A house or apartment to empty? We will advise you while we are looking what you have with you
Our advice, consult us before taking any action, the antiquity and the secondhand market is a complex market that can not be improvised. The opinion of your "friend who knows a lot about antiques" is not necessarily the best. Many objects are sold in flea markets and disappear or worse, thrown by owners because they had no idea of the actual value..